Alien Drone


Biological information

Homeworld: Unknown

Head: Smooth

Physical information

Height: 7"

Weight: 350lbs

Colouring: Brown or Bluey brown


Role: Worker

The Alien drone is the workhorse of the alien hive. Rarely leaving they look after things inside the hive to make sure that the Queen and the eggs are safe and secure. Drones are born from creatures called oswocs. They are large hippo-like creatures on the planet lv-426.


Drones are the most simple form of alien in the hive. It is a direct servant to the queen and her eggs. It makes hives and collects bodies for comatose (Alien birth). Its head is one of the smoothest of all the xenomorphs and it can cyst (spit) its acidic blood at its enemies and stick hosts to the hive's surface with a resin-like secretion. Drones can also lay down hive nodes to heal other xenomorphs which makes them very useful to the hive. They average in size at about 6-7 feet tall standing on hind legs, and about 14-15 feet long, tail included.


-Alien (1979)

-Aliens vs. Predator Extinction(2003)

-Aliens vs. Predator (2004)

-Aliens vs. Predator game (2010)